7-Jul-2018Los Angeles, CA +8 milesCats for Sale
Millie is a wonderful doe with black fur, a striking white blaze, and blue eyes. She tends to be quiet and observant. She will sit still and watch her environment carefully until she's completely comfortable. If anything startles her, she'll more than li...
5-Jun-2018Los Angeles, CA +8 milesCats for Sale
Ashley and Archie are the perfect bundle of sassy and lovable. Ashley (the black bunny) is the boss lady, always keeping an eye and ears out, no 1 picks on this lady. She is also a sweetheart who likes a back rub, and will probably be the 1st one t...
4-Jun-2018Los Angeles, CA +8 milesCats for Sale
Frannie is a precious active and bossy female. Loves her husbun, Harley, and he listens well to what she wants him to do. Loves to explore new places, play with baby toys and she loves to chew. They have this precious dance when we serve their hay they ch...
4-Jun-2018Los Angeles, CA +8 milesCats for Sale
Tippy is a big, exquisite boy! Hes gentle yet gregarious, almost like a big friendly cow. He and his brother, Jet, can be slightly skittish with strangers at 1st, but will very soon open up and show off their friendly side theyre also very funny a...
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